Tourmaline Surf Park Beach

600 Tourmaline Street
San Diego, CA (map)

Beach Highlights

Tourmaline Surf Park Beach is located about a mile north of Crystal Pier. This San Diego beach is very secluded and accessible only by a road making its way down a hill from La Jolla Blvd to the parking lot. Tourmaline Surf Park Beach is very popular for surfers and sailboarders year round. You can find a lot of old time surfers here, with great anedotes about the past. This is one of the true surf hangouts in San Diego County.

Except for the parking lot area, Tourmaline, as the locals call it, is bordered by cliffs up to 75 feet high. Parking is limited to the parking lot and street.

If you want to walk to the Ocean Front Boardwalk, which begins on the North Pacific Beach bluffs, you’ll have to first walk along the sand for awhile, until you get to a path that goes up bluff to Law Street Park. From there you can catch the boardwalk that extends south through Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and South Mission Beach.


Public restrooms and showers are located at the foot of Diamond Street and Law Street on the south end and at Tourmaline Surfing Park on the north end.


Standard San Diego beach regulations apply, with the following modifications:

Beach fires
Containers for beach fires are generally provided during summer months and available on a first come, first served basis. The burning of rubbish is prohibited. Only wood, charcoal, or paper products may be used as fuel. Fuel for the fire may not exceed a height of more than twelve inches above the upper edge of the fire container. The fire must be extinguished before leaving the beach. Open beach fires outside containers are prohibited at all San Diego beaches.

Alcohol is prohibited at all San Diego city and county beaches.

Water Activity Zones
This beach has separate water areas for swimming and surfing. Check with lifeguards for details.

Other Useful Information

A 175 space parking lot with 3 disabled spaces can be found at the foot of Tourmaline Street. In summer, this lot fills to capacity by mid-day. All other parking is limited to on-street parking in residential areas.

Lifeguards are staffed at Tourmaline Beach San Diego year round, generally from 9:00 a.m. to dusk. Check with lifeguards for specific staff hours.

Contact San Diego Lifeguard Service:
2581 Quivira Court, San Diego CA 92109
Urgent Business (619) 221-8800
Business (619) 221-8899
Fax office (619) 221-8858
Fax dispatch (619) 221-8881
Weather (619) 221-8824

Disabled Access
Due to the natural cliffs bordering this beach, disabled accessibility is limited. Pacific Beach at the foot of Grand Avenue, just south of Crystal Pier, would be a better alternative.