Swamis Beach

1240 South Coast Hwy (approx)
Encinitas, California (map)
More info: Encinitas Parks & Recreation

Beach Highlights


Swamis Beach is named after the Self Realization Fellowship Retreat (SRF), located just north. This Encinitas beach is a haven for surfers, with its great surf break. Some of the locals have been surfing Swami’s beach for decades. Known as Swamis by the locals, this beach is a good spot for diving, where kelp beds make their home a quarter mile off shore. Divers should enter and leave the beach away from the surfing area.

Swimmers should also stay clear of the surfing area. Watch for rocks underneath the water.

Swamis Beach connects with several miles of uninterrupted beaches, from the San Elijo Lagoon inlet to South Carlsbad Beach jetty, making this area a paradise for walking and jogging.

Park and Picnic Area

Swamis is located at the base of bluffs, where a wooden stairway makes its way down. A parking lot and Seacliff Roadside Park are on top of the bluffs. The park is small, but has a picnic area and public restrooms, and a great view of the ocean and coastline.

Tide Pools

During low tide, you can explore the Swamis Tide Pools just north of the stairway. These tide pools are some of the best in the county and popular destination for school field trips.

Strange Beauty

The beach surroundings have a strange beauty with the rocks jetting out of the sand and the plants and palm trees growing out of the sculptured bluffs.

Swami’s resides at a point along the coast, which makes it a distinct landmark when viewed from the south. The point also offers a great view looking south.

Nearby Attractions

The beach is a close walk to restaurants and shops along Hwy 101 in Encinitas.

Moonlight State Beach and Encinitas Downtown are to the north and San Elijo State Beach and Cardiff Village are to the south.


High above Swamis beach on a cliff, you’ll find Seacliff Roadside Park with picnic tables, barbecues, restrooms, phone, and parking lot.

Sea Cliff Park

Swam’s beach has its own free lot, albeit a small one that is almost always full, above the beach. Try on the highway or behind the nearby and funky Self-Realization Fellowship compound.

Other Useful Information

No dogs, alcohol, or glass allowed. No fires

Beach Parking: 5am – 10pm
Beach Use: 4am – 2am

Lifeguard Towers Open: 10am – 6pm during the
Summer Season (late June to Labor Day)

Contact Encinitas Lifeguards:
505 South Vulcan
Encinitas, CA 92924
Emergency (760) 633-2750
Business (760) 633-2748
Junior Lifeguards
(760) 633-2752
Fax (760) 633-2626

Swamis Beach is famous for its surfing, but good for its tide pools and quality sand. Beachgoers can enjoy the seclusion offered by the tall cliffs.