Carlsbad State Beach

Tamarack Ave & Carlsbad Blvd
Carlsbad, California (map)
Phone: 760-438-3143

Beach Highlights

Carlsbad State Beach, also known as Tamarack Beach, stretches from the the warm water jetties, just south of Tamarack Avenue, to Frazee Beach, near Carlsbad Village Drive.

Beach Activities

Ideal for the family and kids, the state beach offers swimming, surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing and beachcombing. Many people fish off the Carlsbad jetties, both near Tamarack beach and the campgrounds.

Carlsbad Seawall

The Carlsbad Seawall, a paved 4-mile walking path along the coast, extends from Carlsbad Village drive to Cannon). The seawall separates The beach from Coast Hwy 101, where you can find people walking, jogging, and cycling. All throughout the day you can see joggers, walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers cruising up and down the path. This is definitely an active city.

Romantic Beach

Carlsbad State Beach offers an amazing view of the sunset. Every night people gather at the north end of the beach, on the bluff (towards the village) to watch the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean. The palisades and walkway atop the Seawall is another romantic spot for watching the sunset and enjoying the ocean view.


A restroom and a few rinse-off spigots are located near the parking area.

Picnic Area:
Two of five picnic tables on the paved walkway are generally accessible. High-low drinking fountains are accessible

More Beach Information

Beach Regulations
NO dogs (must be on 6 ft leash at campground)
NO fires (BBQs available at the campground)
NO alcohol/glass containers
NO vehicles on beach
Restrooms available
Showers available

Open 5am-10pm

If you’re feeling lucky, try the small beachside lot on the west side of Carlsbad Blvd where Tamarack Ave intersects. But don’t fight too hard to get into it. Better chances are along Carlsbad Blvd and on the surface streets near the beach.

Ponto Beach, just south of the campground, has a pay lot. The beachfront closest to the parking lot is flagged for surfing only. There is more parking along Carlsbad Blvd and nearby residential streets.

Yes. Lifeguard towers 21-28.

“Surf chairs” are available. To reserve a chair call or leave a message at (760) 438-3134