Blacks Beach

End of Torrey Pines Scenic Drive
La Jolla,
San Diego, California (map)

Blacks Beach Highlights

Blacks Beach is probably the most secluded beach in San Diego County. Behind it are bluffs about 300 feet high.

Nudist Beach

Located in La Jolla, Blacks Beach is the largest nudist beach in the United States. The tall bluffs make the beach an ideal place for nudity. There isn’t much development atop the cliffs, so peeping toms is kept to a minimum.

Only part of Blacks Beach is nudity allowed. Nudity is legal along the beach from the Torrey Pines Gliderport north for about one mile. A sign marks where nudity is no longer legal. Although illegal, some nudity is present south of the gliderport.

Beach Activities

Blacks Beach is secluded and therefore doesn’t attract large crowds. Sections of the beach, especially on the south side, are considered advanced surfing spots. The beach is ideal for walking and jogging. Scuba is not recommended due to difficult beach access and rough surf conditions.

Unstable Cliffs

Beware of the cliffs which are unstable. Make sure you are several feet from the bluffs and don’t climb them directly. Use the access trails.


An access trail begins at the end of Torrey Pines Scenic Road next to the Torrey Pines GliderPort (map). This trail can be hazardous so use caution and beware of false trails. Stay on the real paths. Use caution and observe warning signs.

Safer access is from La Jolla Shores to the south and Torrey Pines State Beach to the north. High tides and surf can limit access from these beaches.

Beach Amenities

Blacks Beach has no restrooms or other amenities. Any restroom is far away. The only restrooms are at the top of the cliffs, near the GliderPort, at La Jolla Shores or at Torrey Pines State Beach.

Beach Regulations

Alcohol is prohibited.

Beach fires
There are no fire pits and open fires are prohibited.

Regulated Water Activity Zones
Surfers and swimmers may mix, since there is no regulated water activity zones.

Parking and Directions

From Torrey Pines State Beach
From the north, take Interstate 5 south to Carmel Valley Road. West on Carmel Valley Road to Pacific Coast Highway. South on Pacific Coast Highway to Torrey Pines State Beach. A paid-parking lot is available with 450 spaces, including eight disabled parking spaces. Walk south from this lot approximately one mile using caution regarding the unstable cliffs above and tidal conditions which may obstruct passage.

From La Jolla Shores
From the south, take Interstate 5 north to La Jolla Parkway. Take a right at the intersection of La Jolla Shores Drive and a left on Calle Frescota to the free public parking lot at La Jolla Shores. This lot includes 350 spaces, including eight disabled parking spaces. Walk north one mile, use caution regarding the unstable cliffs above and tidal conditions which may obstruct passage.

From Torrey Pines GliderPort
Unimproved parking is available at the Glider Port on Torrey Pines Scenic Road, above Blacks Beach, but the only access to the beach is via unimproved natural paths which can hazardous.

More Details

Blacks Beach has no permanent life guard station. Life guards on usually on duty from Spring break through the end of October. Otherwise, when life guards are not on duty, assistance can take 20 minutes or longer.

Contact San Diego Lifeguard Service
2581 Quivira Court, San Diego CA 92109
Urgent Business (619) 221-8800
Business (619) 221-8899
Fax office (619) 221-8858
Fax dispatch (619) 221-8881
Weather (619) 221-8824

Disabled Access
None available

In all, Blacks Beach is probably the most secluded beach in San Diego County. Miles of sandy coastline are hidden below inhospitable tall cliffs, with few access trails.