The Silver Strand, San Diego

Location: Located in San Diego, The Silver Strand is a narrow strand of land 8 miles long, which acts as a land bridge between Coronado “Island” and Imperial Beach. (Map)

The Silver Strand has the San Diego Bay on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Although the strand is narrow, the ocean side is very different from the bay side.

Much of the The Silver Strand’s beach side is undeveloped. Silver Strand State Beach and Campground are roughly in the middle of The Silver Strand. The bay side is more developed, with Coronado Cays, marinas, residential areas, a major resort, and the US Naval Amphibiuos Base. Also on the bay side is a paved bike path, which runs the length of Silver Strand.


Silver Strand State Beach
Extensive wide, sandy beach. Includes Silver Strand State Beach Campground.

Grand Caribe Beach
The beach is secluded, hidden from view of Grand Caribe Park by a small incline, making it a good place to sunbathe.



Coronado Cays Park
A large, grassy park with a children’s playground, soccer field, baseball diamonds and tennis courts.

Grand Caribe Park
A secluded bayfront park with a small patch of green and sandy beach.


Silver Strand State Beach Campground
A long parking area located next to the sand. Includes restrooms and volleyball.


San Diego Bay
The bay has several shoreline parks, an Embarcadero, Seaport Village, Shelter and Harbor Island, and the West Coast’s largest Navy base.


Superfrog Triathlon
Two high-endurance triathlons along beautiful The Silver Strand.