Shelter Island

Location: Located on Point Loma’s bayfront, Shelter Island can be accessed by Shelter Island Drive. (map)

Shelter Island Highlights

The island is a mile-long with a narrow grassy area, walkways and parking on the bayside; resorts, marinas, and restaurants on the other side; and a street going down the middle.

Shelter Island is a great place for walking and enjoying the spectacular views of Point Loma and the inlet to the bay, North Island, and downtown. The resort island has several beautiful monuments and statues, most notably the Japanese Friendship Bell. The Harbor Police station is located at the west end of the island.

Leading up to the island, along Shelter Island Drive are several restaurants, yacht retail outlets, boat repairs, and other shops.


Shelter Island Park Beach
Small sandy shoreline with fire rings and sweeping bay views. Next to public boat launch and fishing pier.



Shelter Island Shoreline Park
Extends almost entire length of the island on bayside. Includes public boat launch, fishing pier and sandy beach.
Beautiful views.


Humphreys Concert by the Bay
Outdoor theatre seats 1,400. Presents a wide variety of music venues.


Shelter Island Hotels
Mid-size hotel resorts with private marinas. San Diego Bay across the street.