Ocean Beach Tide Pools

Location: South of Ocean Beach Pier
Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA (map)

Tide Pool Highlights

Ocean Beach Tide Pools is a small tide pool area at the foot of Newport Avenue under the Ocean Beach Pier and at the south send of Ocean Beach Park.

Compared to the other tide pool areas mentioned in this guide, there is relatively little to see during the average low tide. However, there are shore crabs, hermit crabs, and sea anemones, and lots of small chitons in depressions in the sandstone rocks. I once observed a small, brightly colored fish in a tide pool at this location

On another visit to Ocean Beach Tide Pool, I found a small hydromedusa jellyfish, Polyorchis sp., which I had never seen before, in a pool. There are other rocky areas in Ocean Beach at the ends of the streets to the south of the business district, but the one at the end of Newport Avenue is the most accessible.

There are rocky areas all along Sunset Cliffs Drive, but the cliffs are dangerous, and tide pool exploring is not recommended here. For many years you could access the shore from a steep cement stairway at the south end of Sunset Cliffs Drive, but recent winter storms have severely damaged it and it has been closed.