Mission Blvd Shopping
& Restaurant District

Location: Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Downtown Highlights

The ecclectic Mission Blvd Shopping & Restaurant District is the main drag of Mission Beach.


Mission Beach is a two-mile peninsula just two blocks wide, with the Pacific Ocean on the west and Mission Bay on the east.


Mission Blvd is generally narrow, with frequent and sometimes unexpected merging into single lanes after intersections.


The stretch of Mission Blvd, from Pacific Beach Drive, south to the Belmont Park is mainly residential, with funky and colorful old apartments, small homes, and condos. Also present are clusters of off-beat clothing stores, smoothie bars, clubs, restaurants, and head shops.


On the Mission Bay side is The Catamaran Resort south of Pacific Beach Drive. Further south is Santa Clara Point, accessible from Santa Clara Place, and El Carmel Point reachable from El Carmel Place. The hub of the Mission Blvd Shopping & Restaurant District is the intersection of Mission Blvd and Ventura Place. Here you'll find Belmont Park, a historic beachfront amusement park located next to the beach in Mission Beach. Belmont Park features rides, games, concessions, an arcade, a food court, beachfront restaurants and bars, shops, and the Wave House.


Opposite Belmont Park along Ventura Place are several shops, including watersports rental, boutiques, souvenirs, restaurants, and an ice cream parlor.


Mission Blvd Shopping & Restaurant District from Belmont Park to South Mission Beach is mainly a residential area with funky, colorful old apartments, condos, and small homes. Mission Blvd stops at the Mission Bay Channel. There is no bridge nearby crossing the channel to Ocean Beach. To do so, you'll have to backtrack to W. Mission Bay Drive.