Oceanside Pier

Location: 1 Oceanside Pier
Oceanside, CA (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours a day
Phone: (760) 435-4500
More info: Website

Pier Highlights

Oceanside Pier is located about 35 miles north of Downtown San Diego. On a clear night, you can see the lights of the pier from other spots along the coast miles away. The pier stands between Pier View North and Pier View South beaches in Oceanside, CA. Oceanside Harbor is about a mile north.


Pier History
The first pier, built in 1888, was located at what is now Wisconsin Avenue. The next five were built on the site where the current pier is located—at the end of Pier View Way.


Oceanside Pier

The concrete approach to the present pier was built in 1925; the wooden portion in 1988. At 1,954 feet, it is the longest wooden pier on the west coast.

Pier Amenities and Activities

Half way down the long, wooden pier are restrooms and a bait and tackle shop, with snacks/postcards/drinks for sale. At the end is a restaurant - Ruby's Diner (760-433-7829). You'll see many people fishing and a wonderful view of the surfers, beach and coastline with the mountains as a backdrop. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see La Jolla, the Coronado Islands, and Catalina Island.


Pier Fishing
No license is required to fish from the pier. (Check with Tackle Town, located at 1009 N. Coast Hwy., (760) 721-2697 for more information). For more on fishing go to pierfishing.com

Other Useful Information

A parking lot is available near the entrance to Oceanside Pier, and metered parking is available on Pacific Street.


Handicapped Facilities
Handicapped parking and restrooms are available. The pier surface is cement and planking and the rail height is 44 inches. Posted for handicapped.