Crystal Pier


Crystal Pier Highlights

Location: 4500 Ocean Blvd
Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA (map)
Hours: The pier is open to the public during daylight hours.
Phone: (858) 483-6983 or (800) 748-5894
More info: website

Crystal Pier is a wooden pier, 872 feet long, located at the end of Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach. It has been an important landmark of this small beach community since its grand opening in 1927. The pier is known for its quaint hotel cottages atop the raised wooden structure.

Nearby Attractions

The beach, north of the pier, is North Pacific Beach City Beach and south is Pacific Beach City Beach. The Boardwalk passes by the wooden ediface, connecting the beach community with its neighbors, Mission Beach and South Mission Beach. There are many shops and restaurants located in the downtown district along Mission Blvd and Garnet Street, as well as along the boardwalk.


The pier had its grand opening in 1927. A visitor more recently observed, “I remember walking through the gated entrance to the pier, with the historic sign ‘Crystal Pier’ overhead. As I made my way down the pier, I saw blue and white cottages, built in the 1930s lined up on both sides, half way down the pier. “”I could peek past their side yards to the ocean. I thought it must be amazing staying in one of these cottages, since I could hear the waves crashing below. Beyond the cottages, there really isn’t anything except a sink, where I saw a pigeon drinking from the dripping faucet. At the end the pier is a wider platform, great for fishing and viewing. I looked over the North side and could see the surfers below..” Crystal Pier Hotel Cottages

29 quaint blue and white collages line up along the first half of the pier. You can choose between a one and two bedroom unit, each with a kitchenette, living room and outdoor deck. Parking is free. 1 car can park at a 1 bedroom unit and 2 cars can park at a 2 bedroom unit. Some cottages are on dry land. The best cottages for more privacy and ocean view are lettered A through F. No smoking and no pets.


Call 4 to 6 months in advance for winter season reservations and 8-11 months in advance for summer season reservations. There’s a minimum stay requirement of three nights from mid-June through September, two nights the rest of the year. The cottages are a bargain in off-season. For more information or reservations, call 858/483-6983 or 800/748-5894 or go online.

Pier Fishing

The number of different types of fish here is not as high as some piers, however, the concentration of some species is very high. Fish found near the tideline include corbina, barred surfperch, spotfin and yellowfin croaker, stingrays, guitarfish and thornback rays. The terrain below Crystal Pier is sand. There are no rocks or reefs. The pier and beach are ideal for sandy-shore fishing. Also attracting fish are mussels which coat the old pier pilings. During summer, kelp grows around the pier’s outer end, also attracting fish.