Powerhouse Park

Location: 1600 Coast Blvd
Del Mar, California (map)
Phone: (858) 755-1524
More info/Permits: Website

Park Highlights

Parkhouse Park is a long grassy area, which overlooks Del Mar City Beach. At the south end of Powerhouse Park is a playground and at the north end is the Powerhouse Community Center. The park lies between Coast Blvd and the small cliffs overlooking the water.

Relaxed Atmosphere, Dining Nearby

Powerhouse Park offers a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. During summer, concert goers gather at the park to enjoy the Del Mar Twilight Summer Concert. Just north of the park are Jakes Del Mar, and the Poseidon Restaurant, two popular beachfront restaurants, and the Del Mar Motel.

South of Powerhouse Park is Seagrove Park, which sits at along a bluff at the foot of 15th Street. Del Mar Village is only 2 blocks from the park.

Weddings and Special Events

Powerhouse Park and community center are both popular spots for weddings and special events. For inquiries or permits, call (858) 755-1524.

Park History

Del Mar Powerhouse and Hotel

The Del Mar Powerhouse was built in 1928 to supply hot water for the Del Mar Hotel pool and laundry facility, and heat for the cottages and hotel rooms.

In 1955, the hotel went bankrupt and was subsequently torn down. The Del Mar Powerhouse was kept and converted into a roaring 20s nightclub a few years later. Five years later, it was bought out and converted into a desalination plant for local residents. After awhile the project was abandoned and the powerhouse was left vacant to the elements.

New Powerhouse Park

In 1983, the City of Del Mar bought the powerhouse and surrounding park area. The park was soon called Powerhouse Park. After 17 years, the historic building was converted into Powerhouse Community Center. The familiar smoke stack is still original, while everything else has been rebuilt.

Powerhouse Community Center

The community center has a community room, trellis-covered verandas, an outdoor theatre, outdoor rinse showers, and restrooms. The center won the 2000 Orchid Award for historic design in San Diego. The facility may be rented for special events. Call (858) 755-1524.