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San Diego Coastal Activity Hubs

San Diego is one of the nation's top travel destinations and bestAn activity hub is a place where a beach, attractions, and events come together, all within walking distance of each other. The San Diego coastline has several activity hubs, from Oceanside Harbor hub to Imperial Beach hub.

So, what do you feel like doing? Are you in the mood for a sparkling beach with a wooden pier and historic shopping area nearby? How about an upscale beach, with shoreline parks and nearby shopping and dining. Each beach community has its own activity hub, offering a unique, fun experience. Come, explore, and have fun.

Cardiff Town Center
A long sandy beach, a state beach campground, a lagoon, a cluster of restaurants, and a quaint town centre within walking distance.
Carlsbad Village
A long sandy beach, a seawall with a oceanfront walkway and long narrow park, and a town village within walking distance. Carlsbad Village hosts two street festivals each year.
Coronado, CA
A world famous resort, a wide, sandy family friendly beach, a dog beach, and a nearby historic shopping district.
Del Mar Village
Consists of a long, sandy beach, a dog beach, two shoreline parks, and a nearby historic towne village. This activity hub also has several events throughout the year. Easygoing atmosphere.
Encinitas Hwy 101
A wide, family-friendly beach, a historic downtown district, an old movie theatre, a seaside bazaar, specialty shopping center, and farmers market. Several events throughout the year.
Encinitas Hwy 101
A popular surfing beach, beach cliff park, and historical spiritual retreat.
Imperial Beach Pier
Consists of a sandy beach, a long wooden pier, a artzy plaza with shops and restaurants, and a shoreline park with a playground. This hub hosts two annual events each year.
La Jolla
A rugged, scenic shoreline with beautiful secluded beaches, bountiful marine life, two shoreline parks, sea caves, several tide pools, an oceanfront walkway which connects all the shoreline attractions, an upscale downtown shopping district and a contemporary art museum.
La Jolla Shores
A long, sandy beach with a small boat launch area, a shoreline park with playground and boardwalk, hotels, restaurants, and shops.
Mission Beach
A popular sandy beach, a cement boardwalk, a world-famous amusement park, a shopping district with restaurants, bars, and specialty shops, funky residential neighborhoods, a shoreline park, and nearby Mission Bay Park.
Ocean Beach
A sandy beach, a dog beach, a long concrete pier, and a shopping and antique district next to the beach. The hub hosts an annual summer street festival.
Downtown Oceanside, CA
A pier, sandy beaches, playgrounds and fire rings, an outdoor amphitheatre, a beach recreation center, a shoreline park, an a historic downtown shopping district. This hub hosts many events each year, including street festivals and beach competitions.
Oceanside Harbor
A wide, sandy beach, a harbor, and an RV camping area between the beach and harbor. The harbor hub is a great walking area with everything closeby and connected by a concrete boardwalk. Oceanside Harbor hosts two annual events.
Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach
A historic wooden ocean pier, popular sandy beaches to the north and south, an oceanfront boardwalk, and a nearby shopping district with funky shops and restaurants.
Sunset Cliffs
Secluded sandy beaches and cliffs with scenic ocean views.
Solana Beach Hwy 101
A secluded beach and a recently renovated shoreline park, with a nearby downtown shopping district, design district and train station. Hub hosts an annual summer street faire.
Torrey Pines
A long sandy beach, large natural park overlooking the ocean, and a lagoon.