Mission Beach – Pacific Beach Boardwalk


Boardwalk Highlights

Location: South Mission Beach to North Pacific Beach
San Diego, CA (map)
(Note: Map shows Crystal Pier,
by which the boardwalk passes)

The Mission Beach – Pacific Beach Boardwalk, also known as Oceanfront Boardwalk, is a concrete walkway that spans about 3 1/2 miles, from North Pacific Beach to South Mission Beach. Walking, biking, bicycling, and related activities are permitted on the boardwalk, but speed is regulated and must be kept to eight miles per hour or less. Cycles with more than two wheels are not permitted except for use by the disabled. At all times, people must use caution and courtesy in using the boardwalk.

North Pacific Beach to Crystal Pier

Along the boardwalk, there are access points to North Pacific Beach beach.

Pacific Beach Palisades

On the North Pacific Beach side, Pacific Beach Boardwalk begins at Law Street Park in a residential neighborhood and runs alongside atop the 75-foot bluff to Crystal Pier. At the beginning of the boardwalk is Pacific Beach Palisades Park, a grassy area overlooking the bluffs, popular spot for having a picnic, conversing with friends, or taking a cat nap.

Other Boardwalk Attractions

If you continue a couple of blocks south of Law Street Park, along the Pacific Beach boardwalk, you’ll begin finding an occasional hotel along the boardwalk, with retail on the side streets from the boardwalk to Mission Blvd.

The tall building halfway between Law Street Park and Crystal Pier is the Capri by the Sea, luxury condominiums.

Pacific Beach Park extends from Diamond Street to Crystal Pier. At this point, the boardwalk forks into two paths, enclosing a narrow strip of lawn.

Shops and Restaurants Near Pier

Several retail shops and restaurants are located at or around Crystal Pier, including Kono’s Surf Club Cafe, a popular breakfast spot. Outdoor seating is available with great view of the ocean and pier. Swings-n-Things is located on the north side of the pier entrance, across from Konas.


Crystal Pier to Mission Beach

The distance from Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach to Mission Beach Life Guard Station at Ventura Place is about 2 3/4 miles. South of Crystal Pier, the bluff quickly receeds and the boardwalk is level with the beach.

Shops and Restaurants

There are several shops, restaurants and hotels along Pacific Beach Boardwalk from Crystal Pier to Santa Rita Place. This is a lively and ecclectic stretch of the the boardwalk. The boardwalk runs along side Pacific Beach beach.

Funky Condos and Beach Rentals

Santa Rita Place marks the end of Pacific Beach and the beginning of Mission Beach. Mission Beach boardwalk is residential with funky old small homes, apartments and condos. You won’t find retail until you get past the Life Guard Station at Ventura Place. The boardwalk runs along side Mission Beach beach.

Lively Ventura Place

The block of Ventura Place, between Mission Beach boardwalk and Mission Blvd has a concentration of shops, clubs and restaurants. Hamel’s Surf Shop is right on the boardwalk. This well known landmark looks out of place like a medival castle.


Belmont Park

A block beyond Ventura Place is Belmont Park, located next to Mission Beach boardwalk. Belmont Park features The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, several other rides, several restaurants, gift and concession shops, and the Wave House.

The Wave House features the Wave House Athletic Club, The Wave House Bar & Grill and The Big Wave ride.

Mission Beach to South Mission Beach

Continuing south along Mission Beach boardwalk past Belmont Park, you’ll find a large parking lot, followed by a nice park with palm trees, picnic tables, park benches and restrooms.

Funky Beach Homes and Rentals

Mission Beach boardwalk from the park to the end of South Mission Beach is about a mile long and lined by more funky small homes, condos and apartments. This portion of the boardwalk is secluded and peaceful. The boardwalk runs along side South Mission Beach beach.

Beach Widens at End, Park

As Mission Beach boardwalk nears it’s southern end, it is greeted by a large expanse of beach with several volleyball courts, a park, and the jetty and channel are just beyond.